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Only PAP can rule S’pore forever

Posted on 24 January 2017

No other party, period.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who recognise power is a form of aphrodisiac, are nodding in agreement.

This after they agree that only the PAP can rule Singapore forever and any talk of a two-party or multi-party system will lead to the ultimate destruction of Singapore.

One Singaporean, Jin Gong Ping, said: “PAP is a pluralistic political party.”

“They are doing a great job representing the diverse segments of Singaporean society and presenting all sides of the argument.”

“I can see that clearly when they have six Chinese men vying to be the next prime minister. Very diverse and egalitarian.”

Other locals said the PAP is all about putting Singaporeans first.

Another local, Fang Qian Mian, said: “PAP is a political party that will be there for you, always.”

“One moment can be Son of Punggol, next moment can be Son of Ang Mo Kio.”

“It’s like they are omnipresent.”

Still more locals concur the PAP is raising the stakes of the competition.

Another local, Fan Dui Dang, said: “They will say, anyone who is willing and able, can challenge their incumbency.”

“But that is true as long as you’re not the Workers’ Party.”

“You can always go far in Singapore serving the PAP’s interest, which coincidentally also happens to be Singapore’s interest.”

“A two-party or multi-party arrangement will result in the death and destruction of everything in this country.”







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