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Lunch with Sumiko interview marks official end of journalism

Posted on 16 January 2017

1556 to 2017.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are standing hunched over slightly with one hand over their heart as they wipe away tears of regret from their eyes, are waving goodbye to journalism.

This after they read the first Lunch with Sumiko interview in The Straits Times.

One Singaporean, Song Kah, said: “This marks the official death of journalism.”

“It is a sad day for democracy and this storied, noblest of noble vocation.”

“Humanity’s slow march towards civilisation has officially come to a screeching halt.”

Other locals said even though journalism is now dead, this is not the worst thing.

Another local, Qu Ni Mah, said: “The end of an era in journalism is already upon us and we thought looking into the future will provide some respite as we long to see some silver lining.”

“Turns out Lunch With Sumiko is slated to carry on with another edition, and another, and another.”

“Death to us all, please.”







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