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Introduce COE for bicycles as cyclists displaying sense of entitlement

Posted on 12 January 2017

This is to keep up with the entitlement mentality of Singaporeans.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who like walk on sidewalks and pavements but fear getting knocked down by bicycles, are applauding calls for Certificate of Entitlement to be applied to cyclists.

This after other ideas such as requiring cyclists to get licensed similar to car licenses have been mooted alongside having COE for bicycles.

One Singaporean, Hor Qia Long, said he supports this call for COE for bicycles: “It is really about keeping up with the times.”

“As cyclists increasingly feel entitled to ride on pavements and on the roads and behave like their grandfather owns everything, Certificates of Entitlement should be issued to go with this newfound entitlement.”

Tan Tua Lui, another local, said it takes a bit of social engineering to pull off the introduction of COE for bicycles: “One way to make COE more prestigious to cyclists is to introduce competitions like Subaru Challenge for bicycles.”

“This will allow cyclists a chance to win a COE under difficult circumstances to show how coveted a COE is.”

“And when more people have it, more people will want it. It’s a very Singaporean thing to do.”

At press time, acknowledging how drivers, cyclists and pedestrians use the roads will make them family as they all act like it is their grandfathers’ road.







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  • Colin Ip

    This is truly one of the most ignorant piece of journalism. Populated with comments and quotes from equally ignorant people.

    There are several types of riders. Most are in the category of competent and sensible riders who ride on the road or on designated park connector lanes.

    The minority are “newbies” and inexperienced cyclists or younger cyclist who stay on the paths and pavements because it would insanely dangerous for them to be on the roads.

    Finally, you have the ignorant idiots who cycle with no lights on, up the wrong direction of traffic.

    So who gets tagged with a COE then?

    There are plenty of incompetent motorcyclists, who have COEs, riding along pavements or in and out of lanes and cars. There are plenty of incompetent vehicle drivers, who have COEs, driving badly, can’t indicate or occasionally can’t even drive in a straight line or even in the right direction.

    Sorry, having a COE is not a mitigant for crap road/pavement etiquette. May be COEs should also be applied to pedestrians as well… walk down Orchard Road on a quiet day and you still get some pedestrian walking into you because they have bugger all awareness of their surroundings and appreciation of others space.

    My be a COE of journalism to stop crass and uninformed articles like this.

    How do you reconcile the tragic accident when a female cyclist was mowed down on North Pioneer Road by a driver in a bus with a COE?

    Oh, and the picture show riders on the road, not pavement, in some controlled race with a couple of riders falling over a “pillow”.

    Stop writing bollocks that are ill informed and help no ne.

    • Chris Chua

      Completely in agreement here.A COE cert for cyclists will magically eradicate the minority who have absolutely no roadsense at all?Dont think so.