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China returning tanks when S’pore turns 65

Posted on 24 January 2017

They said they learn from the best practices of Singapore.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are already waiting with bated breath for what is rightfully theirs to be returned to them when they turn 65, are nodding their heads in agreement.

This after the nine Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicles seized by China on Nov. 23, 2016, are currently being held by the China Properties Foundation (CPF) and will be returned when Singapore turns 65.

One Singaporean, Kong Ji Kim, said: “This is poetic justice.”

“I never thought I’ll see a master stroke such as this in my lifetime, like how I might not see my withdrawals because I might not live till 65.”

Other locals said the return of tanks will not be without conditions.

Another local, Gao Zao, said: “They might just decide to return it when Singapore turns 66 or 72. Can change number anytime one.”

“Who knows, maybe the tanks will be returned piece by piece on a monthly basis when Singapore turns 65.”







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