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S’poreans see through Amos Yee’s plan: Doing everything to get out of NS

Posted on 24 December 2016

That is the goal, they believe.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who think conspiratorially, have looked at one another with a side glance and nodded knowingly.

This after they came to the enlightened realisation that teenage anarchist Amos Yee might be doing everything he is currently doing to get out of serving his National Service stint.

The 18-year-old, who is out of school, is due for NS call-up soon but has now defected to the United States where he is detained for seeking political asylum.

One Singaporean, Hock Kian Peng, who served as a store man during NS because he always has an unexplained pain in his knee and reports sick often to get Attend C from the Medical Officer, said: “I have seen all kinds of things before when I went to report sick, but this one, this one is special.”

“This kind is confirm chao keng. Keng until to the max. Keng until Medical Board. Keng until Pes F. Like that you think got any unit dare to let him handle rifle?”

“There is really no other explanation that can account for this behaviour. This one seems hell bent on something else altogether. Not just normal deliquency, not just truancy or sexual frustration.”

“And this one seems too well-planned.”

“If he pulls it off, he will be the most chao keng kia in Singapore’s history of chao keng kias.”







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