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S’pore experiments shutting down Internet for good

Posted on 03 December 2016

Good luck and goodnight.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who will soon perish because they cannot get online, will have to get used to not having Internet in Singapore anymore soon.

This after Singtel turned off the Internet on Dec. 3, 2016, following Singapore’s pledge to shut down cyberspace country-wide by 2017. It was decreed earlier this year that all public servants will not be able to go online using government-issued computers from May 2017.

One Singaporean, Boh Dian Nao, said she approves of the authorities stance that the Internet can cause data leaks: “It is no longer safe to keep Singapore’s physical borders secure. We need to lock down digital ones as well to ensure we do not have our secrets stolen.”

Other locals said they will cherish their Internet connection for the next few weeks and then decide if life is worth the living once it has been taken from them.

Another local, Tiaolao Zi Sah, said: “It is after all a good thing for Singapore to go back to the pre-Internet era.”

“That was a time we frequently look back on thinking how nice and quaint our country was.”

“No Internet, not many foreigners and with a two million population.”

“At least we get to have one of those three things back.”







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