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PSLE kids console civil servant parents: ‘Your promotion depends on good grades’

Posted on 13 December 2016

No excuses, please.


Singaporean children from all walks of life, who are being raised by civil servant parents, have come out to provide love and affirmation.

This after children who have received their PSLE results this year have been told that their grades do not matter as much.

One Singaporean child, Kao Di Yi, whose parents are civil servants, said: “I love my mommy and papa. That is why I remind them that even though my PSLE grades don’t matter, their civil service grades matter as their bonus and promotion depends on it.”

“Please think of their own career prospects before rocking the boat too hard and trying to break with the establishment and the status quo.”

“The house and car monthly installments need to be paid and I need to be clothed and fed.”

“Please don’t do anything stupid.”

Other Singaporean children who have their civil servant parents’ interests at heart, said they are providing constant validation at home that hard work pays off as grades are what working adults should live for, even though kids can slack off these days.

Another child, Mai Sng Seow, said: “My daddy and mommy work for the government and they get assessed annually taking into account their performance throughout the year.”

“It would be a shame if they did not do as well as their peers because why can other children’s civil servant parents do so much better and promote so much faster than my daddy and mommy?”

“I am okay with my parents not being scholars and all, but if they cannot even game the system by being an efficient cog in the machine, I am ashamed.”







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