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Lee Kuan Yew seen shaking his head in sky over Singtel building

Posted on 04 December 2016

He said this should not be happening so near his house.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are mourning the passing of broadband Internet in Singapore, saw Lee Kuan Yew shaking his head repeatedly when he appeared in the sky over the Singtel building in Somerset.

This after the Singtel broadband Internet passed away on Dec. 3, 2016, for no reason and pushed Singapore from First World to Second World in a matter of hours.

One Singaporean, Yao Tou, said she saw and heard Lee Kuan Yew saying he felt very disappointed at this turn of events when he is no longer around to personally see to matters: “I heard this loud booming voice say, ‘Singtel building so near Oxley Road some more’.”

“And then he said, ‘Look at all these buildings in the Singapore skyline. If I had to take one whole day just to diagnose and fix the Internet, I would have only managed to build the Istana, Plaza Singapura and the zoo in 50 years.”

Other locals said the apparition of Lee Kuan Yew in the sky was a good reminder that Singapore still has a lot to achieve.

Another local, Wan Dan, said: “I have never heard of the Internet not working under Lee Kuan Yew’s watch.”

“I believe this national Internet outage is Lee Kuan Yew’s omen. This is his way of telling Singaporeans something.”

“These warnings could be in response to unresolved issues in Singapore that Lee Kuan Yew would like to attend to.”

“Omens will carry on unabated until his 38 Oxley Road house is demolished just as he had wished.”

“If his will is to be defied anymore, I think it is more than just the Internet being affected next time.”







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