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Is PAP MP Charles Chong still the same person now that he has a new liver?

Posted on 22 December 2016

At what point will Singaporeans recognise that he is different if there was a constant replacement of parts?


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are questioning themselves about the nature of change and essence, have hit upon a philosophical conundrum as old as time itself.

This after PAP MP Charles Chong, who was voted into Punggol East SMC in GE2015, was reported to have undergone a liver transplant and this opens up the question as to whether he is the same person as the one Singaporeans voted for during the election.

One Singaporean, Tur Kwa, said: “What is to stop Charles Chong from next undergoing a face transplant, limbs transplant, heart transplant and everything else transplant?”

“In philosophy, it was asked if you stepped into a moving river, are you still standing in the same river or has the river changed? Can one step into the same river twice?”

“Likewise, if you gradually replaced all the various parts of a ship over time with new components, is it still the same ship?”

Other locals said if Singaporeans can accept that the Charles Chong with the new liver is the same as the Charles Chong with the malfunctioning liver, then it would have achieved something no philosopher has come to terms with in the past several thousand years.

Another local, Da An, said: “Then it can be concluded that the essence of Charles Chong, or for that matter, anyone else, does not reside in the liver.”

“Next, what we have to do is to replace another part of Charles Chong and ask Singaporeans if they accept him as the same one as they voted for in GE2015.”

“Then another part gets replaced, followed by another, until at what point would Singaporeans react by saying it is not the same Charles Chong?”

“At that very instance when we can say it is different is the moment Singapore has contributed greatly to the world of philosophy.”







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