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Highly religious S’poreans: Nudity is wrong, we bathe blindfolded with clothes on

Posted on 01 December 2016

We cannot allow anyone to see nakedness, not even ourselves.


Highly religious Singaporeans from some walks of life, who like to dabble in other people’s business, have come out to denounce nudity in totality, even their own.

This after they said shows in Singapore featuring nudity are disguising lewdness as art.

One highly religious Singaporean, Chong Liang, who doesn’t agree with nudity at all and hasn’t seen her own private parts in 43 years, said: “There is no such thing as nakedness in my household.”

“Ever since I was born, whenever I bathe, I am blindfolded and make it a point to wear clothes.”

“Non-religious people might think this is my way of saving water, but between my saviour and me, I know this is to denounce nudity in all forms, including my own.”

“Many people say we are extreme in stopping nudity in art, but you will know this is not extreme if you are aware I don’t bathe naked.”

“And I am actually not even allowed to say the word ‘naked’.”

Other highly religious Singaporeans said bathing with clothes on is prevention at its most extreme and not all of the adherents follow such a rule.

Another highly religious Singaporean, Bu Hor Nee, said: “Wear or don’t wear clothes is not much difference.”

“When I see myself naked, I also confirm won’t be aroused.”

“So, being naked is actually preventive measure enough.”







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