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Flooding helps young S’poreans excel at swimming to win Olympic Gold

Posted on 27 December 2016

Turning disadvantages into advantages.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who can always see a silver lining like how the ruling government can, are encouraged by the spate of floods in Singapore recently.

This after they recognise the need for floods to help young Singaporeans excel at swimming, which will in turn increase the chances of Singapore winning yet another Olympic Gold medal in the future.

One local, Siew Aik, said: “Instead of blaming the government, we should think of how best to make use of this newfound facilities that sprout up island-wide whenever it rains.”

“We need to turn our disadvantages to advantages, if we remember what our founding fathers used to say.”

“Singapore is not just a small country as it has been shown, we can also be a financial fortress.”

However, other locals felt that embracing floods might not be enough.

Qian Tu, another local, said: “To flood-proof young Singaporeans, swimming lessons can be made part of SkillsFuture.”

“All young Singaporeans will be issued with swimming costumes and goggles to be carried around 24/7.”

“At the same time, this will also help young Singaporeans embrace the kampung spirit that has been sorely missing since Singapore modernised.”







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