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Drivers in S’pore feel entitled because COE stands for ‘Certificate Of Entitlement’

Posted on 10 December 2016

They feel entitled to use roads any way they please as they have a certificate to back them up.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe in certification as it will make you more credible in your area of expertise, have collectively found the reason why drivers in Singapore behave like their grandfather owns all the roads.

This after numerous videos have surfaced online showing car drivers purposely cutting lanes and acting big on the roads.

One Singaporean, Jin Hao Lian, said car drivers in Singapore act arrogant because of the bidding for COE regulation: “COE stands for ‘Certificate Of Entitlement’. That’s why car drivers feel entitled to act like assholes as they have to bid for COE, and therefore, put money into feeling entitled.”

“Once they have a cert to back them up, they will feel the entitlement bestowed upon them and feel like they have to live up to the title everyday, swerving left and right and speeding up and braking incessantly.”

However, Singaporeans agree this is a short-term problem that can be easily solved.

One other local, Zhen Jian Dan, said: “The way to solve this problem is not to get rid of COEs.”

“The way to do it is to make all road users bid for COEs, so everyone can feel equally entitled.”

“Whether you are a pedestrian, cyclist or used cardboard trolley pusher, all must bid for COEs as long as you are going to set foot or wheels on the road.”

“This will solve the dispute as to who should feel more entitled since everyone will feel equally entitled and this is all their grandfathers’ roads, which then makes everyone family.”







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