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Don’t overburden MRT by riding it at the same time

Posted on 27 December 2016

This puts undue stress on the MRT and commuters.


MRT trains should not be treated like the best option for the masses to get around at the same time.

The main issue is that those doing so are overburdening the public transport system.

Also, commuters who take the MRT at the same time are putting undue stress on the system and themselves.

Disallowing people from taking the MRT at the same time will lead to normal usage of the machines, which would help in reducing the frequency of breakdowns.

Therefore, can we please stop taking the train together at the same time?

Yours sincerely,
Da Di Tieh







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  • Xiao Feng

    You must be joking right? Did you think straight before posting?

    In the first place..

    The gahments wanted us to choose public transport more over building more carbon prints by driving so thats why they came out with all the ERP this ERP that, remember?

    Besides buying a car in singapore and the cost of driving is overkill. Thats why we follow gahments recommedation of taking public transport more, then now you say dont take MRT all in a go. You ok ma?