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Output-based pricing makes ministerial salaries fairer, S’poreans tell Transport Minister

Posted on 01 November 2016

Singaporeans respond to Khaw who said distance-based ERP system is fairer.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe in harnessing technology since it is available and that people should be paid according to talent, have come up with a response to Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan.

This after Khaw said the upcoming distance-based pricing will make ERP system fairer as it will allow the implementation of charges according to distance travelled.

One Singaporean, Hua Tua Qia, said he fully supports this idea as technology should be harnessed to make things more efficient and fair: “Singapore also needs to start paying ministers according to work done and compensating them according to problems solved, or at least pegging their salaries according to their IQs.”

“At the very least, ministers should be paid according to how many lives in Singapore they have made better.”

“Going by this logic, Tharman will get about S$3 million a year, Lee Hsien Loong maybe about $10,000 and Khaw Boon Wan owes all Singaporeans money.”







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