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If Gurmit Singh can represent Chinese man, Chinese man can represent minorities as president

Posted on 29 November 2016

Singaporeans even forget Gurmit Singh is a minority.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe race-blindness can be a thing, have cited Gurmit Singh’s role as Phua Chu Kang as the pivotal moment in Singapore’s history where race-blindness has set in.

One Singaporean, Ba Yee Xing, said: “If you don’t remind Singaporeans, Singaporeans also forget Gurmit Singh is a minority to begin with.”

“That is why I believe Singaporeans can look past the race and focus on what the job requires.”

Other locals said an ability to not see someone’s racial identity is what allows Gurmit Singh and Singapore’s next president to function as the job requires.

Another local, Zuo Zhong Tong said: “In the same way, if the next president of Singapore is a Chinese man, so be it.”

“As long as he can represent the interests of the minorities and exercise the sovereign powers of the presidency as bestowed upon him, he would be doing a good job.”

“If anyone says that is not possible because of race, then it will be akin to saying Gurmit Singh cannot act as Phua Chu Kang because he is not a Chinese.”

“Because that would just be racist.”







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