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Hold Presidential election every month to really give all races a fair chance in S’pore

Posted on 28 November 2016

Having 12 presidents a year will ensure a healthy rotation of races.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe in fair and square, have come out to urge the government to hold one Presidential Election per month for the next six years.

This after there has been talk about setting aside the Elected Presidency for a Malay candidate to make it fair to all races in Singapore.

One Singaporean, Jin Gong Ping, said: “If you have only one president from one race every six years, all the different races will need to wait a long time for their time to come.”

“If you have 12 presidents a year, you can ensure all four major race categories get represented at least three times a year.”

“Win-win for all.”

However, other locals felt having so many presidents in a year will cause logistical issues in the Istana as they move in and out every month.

Another local, Mei Wen Tee, said she has a solution: “Instead of electing one new president a month, Singaporeans can elect 12 presidents at the start of the year.”

“Then all 12 will stay in the Istana and they get voted off one at a time, a la Big Brother.”

“Some more when spin off a show, Singaporeans can get a closer glimpse of what it is like to be head of state.”

“Very familial.”







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