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Godzilla egg hatches, causes Circle Line breakdown

Posted on 02 November 2016

Source of track problem found.


Engineers in Singapore from that particular walk of life, who have to deal with MRT breakdowns all the time because such issues are increasingly rampant, have isolated the cause of the problems of the Circle Line MRT.

This after the whole Circle Line MRT broke down during morning peak hour, leaving commuters angry and authorities baffled.

The cause of the service breakdowns, engineers found out, was due to a radioactive hatched Godzilla egg discovered to be residing along the tracks between Lorong Chuan and Serangoon.

The radioactive decay due to the hatched egg emitting radiation, which included alpha particles, beta particles, gamma rays and conversion electrons, was what was interrupting with train signals leading to breakdowns.

One engineer, Jing Kiang, said: “The frequency of breakdowns along the Circle Line can be greatly reduced now that the radioactive hatched egg has been removed from the track premises.”

“There shouldn’t be any more interference as we’ve removed the problematic empty shells. All is well now.”

“We mustn’t let our problems define us.”

Singaporeans from all walks of life agreed that things can only get better now that the cause of the breakdowns has been eliminated.

One local, Kan De Kai, said: “Finding out that an empty hatched Godzilla egg is the source of the Circle Line problems is such a relief.”

“And here I am wondering and cursing the authorities, thinking if the Circle Line problems will ever be diagnosed.”

“It is almost as if I can only see the smaller problem instead of the bigger one.”

At press time, it is a matter of time before Godzilla emerges from the depths of the Straits of Johor to bash its way from the north to the south and destroy the CBD Marina Bay district.







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