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Terrorists everywhere praise ‘kill children’ comment by S’porean man with blue tick

Posted on 11 October 2016

They admire the public opprobrium the Singaporean man with blue tick has generated.


Global terrorist organisations worldwide have issued a collective statement saying that they stand with the “kill children” comment made last November by a Singaporean man with a blue tick beside his name, who is no longer going to face any further police action.

This after the Singaporean man with a blue tick beside his name said ISIS terrorists and their children deserve to be killed as if he is going to see to it himself.

This resulted in a Singaporean woman who also has a blue tick beside her name to dispute that opinion, which caused the man with the blue tick to retaliate and this generated widespread public opprobrium and police report.

This then led to the international terrorists and death squads to come out to show solidarity with the Singaporean man with blue tick for voicing beliefs that terrorists hold dear.

The terrorists said the public opprobrium the Singaporean man with blue tick received in the aftermath of his comments and rationalisations make them proud, as they have always gunned for that same impact when carrying out their atrocities in Iraq, Syria and other parts of the world.

A person wearing a full mask said: “We share the same world view and have common ground with anyone who supports using violence to justify all ends.”

“We support the killing of children, women and men and will stop at nothing to achieve our goals.”

At press time, global terrorists cells across the world are watching the Singaporean man with blue tick closely to see if he can practise what he preached before embracing him further.







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