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Temasek to invoke Lemon Law if more hairline cracks found on SMRT trains

Posted on 01 October 2016

If the train breaks down again, they are also going to return it.


Temasek Holdings will be counting on Singapore’s Lemon Law a lot in the near future.

This after they realised the SMRT trains they are going to buy for a few billion dollars might have more hairline cracks or would break down again, rendering them lemons in the eyes of the law.

A Lemon Law provides additional rights to consumers for non-conforming goods, which are those of a different quality, condition or type than that which was agreed upon during the transaction.

One Singaporean, Suan Ling Mong, said: “They came here to buy trains and train tracks, not lemons.”

“Therefore, if it turns into a lemon, they are not going to idly stand by and live with it.”

“It is good that Singapore safeguards the interests of buyers from unscrupulous sellers.”

Other locals, however, said buyers beware applies as well.

Yu Chun, another local, said: “If buyers do not exercise due diligence and still opt to buy products from questionable sellers, there is nothing the law can do sometimes.”

“You can warn people not to go to Sim Lim Square but a fool and his money are soon parted.”







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  • Picas Soh

    No matter if the money is back or not, the main point is that there should not be any break down.