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Pray for PAP’s Koh Poh Koon as he is saddled with problems by having 2 cars

Posted on 18 October 2016

Poor thing.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who say a little prayer for those in times of distress, are conducting intercessory prayer sessions for PAP MP Koh Poh Koon.

This after a Land Transport Authority poster said: “We’re carefree because we’re car-free”.

One Singaporean, Hua Tua Qia, said: “There is no doubt whatsoever that PAP MP Koh Poh Koon is saddled with problems.”

“This is because he has one car and his wife also has one car. He must be burdened to death with multiple problems as a result.”

“I make it a point to pray for him everyday.”

Other locals said they will soon be taking the intercessory prayer sessions nation-wide as they recognise that more people might need help.

Another local, Qi Dao, said: “We intend to pray for all the PAP MPs in Parliament as they all have cars.”

“They no doubt are burdened with problems and we need to intercede on their behalf to lift the weight from their hearts.”

At press time, Singaporeans are praying for Minister Lawrence Wong as he has a car but still needs to tell other Singaporeans from all walks of life not to have a car.







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