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Nationalise private tuition in S’pore to make education system truly great

Posted on 21 October 2016

Private tuition is what allows students to reach full academic potential.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who recognise what works and what doesn’t, have come out to urge the government to take over the private tuition industry.

This after they said the billion-dollar tuition industry is what makes education in Singapore truly great and deserves to be nationalised to take over their best practices of helping students score good grades.

Currently, the public education system is focused too much on making students not hit their full academic potential as they are urged to be balanced and nurture other life skills.

One Singaporean, Pu Xi, said: “The public education system in Singapore is okay on its own at best. Most Singaporeans who have gone through it made it despite the public education system.”

“Because what really works is the private tuition industry, where the best help is rendered.”

“When the government makes private tuition a public good, it would be accessible to all, for all, without discrimination, which is truly fair and great.”

Other locals said making tutors become public servants would allow them to serve their true calling as educators.

Another local, Xi Shen, said: “Private tutors have been making scholars out of students and must be recognised as well as or even more than public school teachers.”

“By becoming on par with public school teachers, they can now carry out their tasks knowing they are doing it for other people’s benefit and not their own private gains.”

“That would be very noble indeed.”







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