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Joys of being private tutor is what keeps MOE teachers going before quitting

Posted on 03 October 2016

They just need something to look forward to.


Ministry of Education teachers from that particular walk of life, who are overburdened and worn out by the work load and extra curricular activities, are taking brief moments from their daily 7am to 7pm lives to think about how good it is to be a private tutor.

This after many MOE teachers resorted to thinking about the joys of being a private tuition teacher as it helps them to persevere for a few more years before throwing in the towel to go into tuition full-time.

One teacher, Miss Tan, said: “Every time I feel like breaking my bond and quitting, I think to myself, ‘Just a few more years to go and I can be a private tutor who can focus on teaching and get away from being an overworked MOE teacher’.”

“And I will feel better immediately and soldier on.”

“It’s like everything I am suffering now will be worthwhile once I can be a tutor and just focus on teaching.”

Other teachers said being an MOE teacher is aspirational as it allows them to move on to other better things in life later.

Another teacher, Mr Ng, said: “We know that as MOE teachers our job is never done. Figuratively speaking, it’s because students always need our help.”

“But like, literally, one minute it is attending to CCAs, next is doing admin work unrelated to teaching and next is doing planning.”

“We are always having to work.”

“So, we’re just working hard as teachers now so we can become good private tutors next.”

“Thinking about it gives me enough fuel to last through 7pm tonight.”







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