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Coney Island cow was mulling copyright infringement legal action when it died mysteriously

Posted on 13 October 2016

How coincidental.


The lonesome Coney Island cow located off the island habitat in the northeast of Singapore had put its hoof down and sought legal advice from its lawyer on the next course of action when it died suddenly under mysterious circumstances on Sept. 28, 2016.

It was reported the cow was sedated for a medical check-up but could not be revived subsequently.

Previously, the bovine said in May this year it was considering taking legal action against PAP’s Bukit Batok by-election candidate, Murali Pillai, for misappropriating its name as he called himself “Ah Mu”.

The Coney Island cow, which is, in fact, a bull, had made waves with Singapore citizens and traditionally been known as Niu, said then: “This is clearly a misappropriation of my likeness.”

“Anyone with a sense of hearing knows that ‘Ah Mu’ sounds just like ‘Ah Moo’. And the only things that go ‘Moo’ are me and my ilk.”

“And please quote me properly, I for sure did not say ‘elk’.”

“Since I’m the only cow around here, ‘Ah Moo’ definitely refers to me.”

“Moooreover, I do not want to be associated with a lopsided political process that is not proportional representation in its nomination, selection and election of public office holders and where gerrymandering is rife.”

“And where candidates are mooooootivated by a full-time MP salary.”

“Murali can moooooove voters by changing his name to something else.”

An autopsy has since revealed the cow died of internal organs complications.







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