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Tharman to become President & Prime Minister of S’pore at the same time

Posted on 05 September 2016

He represents the best of Singapore: Multi-ethnic, rational, stately and meritocratic.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who recognise talent when they see it and are firm believers in meritocracy, are glad.

This after they heard that Tharman Shanmugaratnam will be appointed as both president and prime minister of Singapore at the same time.

One Singaporean, Yin Du Ren, said: “Tharman will fulfill both roles at the same time effortlessly given his calibre.”

“As a minority, he can better represent the interests of his fellow countrymen and countrywomen than six Chinese men vying for the prime minister role.”

However, other locals cautioned that the president and prime minister roles might still be too small and effortless for Tharman.

Another local, Zhen Neng Gan, said: “Given Singapore’s meritocratic ideals, Tharman can easily be prime minister, president, government of the day and opposition all wrapped up in one at the same time.”

“He will put the needs of Singaporeans first and conduct his own checks and balances and be fully accountable and transparent, something which has not always been the case in Singapore.”

“Furthermore, it will be hard to accuse his duo-appointment as tokenism since minorities will no longer be underrepresented and his capabilities will outshine everyone.”

At press time, Tharman is also becoming head judge, head of civil service, head of private sector, your best friend, guardian and listening ear.







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