S’poreans agree they need a minority race Prime Minister next without naming names

Posted on 04 September 2016

He is somebody who is Indian, a bit bald, tall and wears glasses.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who cannot believe their eyes when they took a look at who is in the running for the next prime minister position in Singapore, all agree they need a minority race prime minister next.

This after the six leaders touted to have a chance of taking over the PM role are all Chinese and boring.

One Singaporean, Yin Du Ren, said: “I don’t know about other Singaporeans, but we can all agree the next prime minister is someone who is tall, a bit balding and wears glasses.”

“We all have this feeling he must be an Indian, although we don’t name names at this point.”

Other locals said the unspoken name of the minority race candidate with the most potential rolls off their tongue easily.

Another local, Zuo Zong Li, said: “He gives the PAP a good name. He is proof that talent is unevenly distributed in the party.”

“He is the only reason there is still hope for the PAP.”

“Even though his official title might be DPM, in my heart and mind, he is my prime minister.”







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