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NS enlistees of VIP parents can now choose ‘White Horse’ as vocation of choice

Posted on 09 September 2016

Vocations to suit needs of soldiers.


Pre-enlistees entering national service in 2017 will be able to express their interest in what vocations they will like to serve in.

This is the first time an initiative like this has been offered to full-time national servicemen.

Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe not all NS vocations are created equal because Man is not all cut from the same cloth, said they applaud this move.

One Singaporean, Peh Beh, said: “This will allow the system to be more transparent as sons of important parents can straightaway indicate they want to be White Horse.”

“Then there is no need to do it in a circuitous manner where people have to hide the fact that they are White Horses.”

Other locals said safeguards must still be in place to help protect this system from abuse.

Another local, Luan Luan Lai, said: “If someone who obviously cannot be a White Horse indicates that he wants to be a White Horse by trying to fake his way through, then he will be punished for impersonation and forgery.”

“As punishment, he must be sent to the Naval Diving Unit or Commando unit to rough it out for two years to deter others from doing the same.”







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