Indian community heartened S’poreans want Indian man to be next Prime Minister

Posted on 27 September 2016

This is a clear sign race doesn’t matter, they said.


Singaporean Indians from all walks of life, who feel confident because they have a solid representative in their midst, are heartened that Singaporeans at large want an Indian man to be the next prime minister.

This after Singaporeans from other walks of life indicated decisively that Tharman Shanmugaratnam is the man for the top job and this has nothing to do with his race at all, or rather, it was never a consideration.

One Singaporean, Arumugamsam, said: “This is proof that Singaporeans are race-blind and meritocratic at heart. If Singaporeans only see race, this would have never happened.”

“This vote of confidence in an Indian man has done more for cross-racial relationships than the cosmetic lip-service others are paying about wanting to foist upon Singaporeans a minority race candidate.”

“This is a win for inclusivity.”

Other local Indians said it is, therefore, ironic to suggest that Singaporeans will factor in race as this goes to show how easily race can be used as a political means by others to achieve their ends.

Another local, Shantini, said: “I can really feel the love emanating from the rest of Singapore as they have come out strongly to endorse an Indian man out of their own volition.”

“I feel proud because this choice of the people is authentic and heartfelt, unlike a lot of other initiatives that feel unnatural and patronising.”

“Even though this show of solidarity for one minority person will put paid to any notion that Singaporeans are racist, the superficial belief that Singaporeans will only vote along racial lines will persist as this is politics for you.”







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