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6 Chinese men vying to be Prime Minister a testament to S’pore’s multi-racial society

Posted on 07 September 2016

Only in a diverse country will you get candidates from such diverse backgrounds.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who can see diversity in Chinese people, said they are glad that six Chinese men are vying to be the next prime minister of Singapore.

This after it can be gleaned from multiple reports that Singapore needs a minority race President, but not a minority race Prime Minister, because that’s how things work in Singapore.

One Singaporean, Ma Lai Ren, said: “All these Chinese men, if any of them do become prime minister, can speak for Malays, Indians and Others.”

“One look at them, I can tell they are very versatile. They are unlike the President who must be of minority race or who is not Tan Cheng Bock, or else, cannot make the non-Chinese feel represented.”

Such is their strong support base, Singaporeans in favour of the six Chinese men have since come out to speak well of them.

Another local, Hua Ren, said: “One look I can tell these Chinese men have many friends from the minority races.”

“Therefore, they must know what it is like to be in their shoes. Let’s not be racist and just look at their yellow skin colour but the true diversity that lies inside each one of them.”

“Truly a testament to Singapore’s multi-racial society.”

However, some locals point out that there might be downsides to having so many Chinese men vying for the prime minister spot.

One local, Bu Li Xiang, said: “Non-Chinese people will feel that the Prime Minister role is more important and glamorous as a lot of Chinese people are vying for it.”

“On the other hand, fewer Chinese people are vying for the presidency, which makes it less prestigious.”

“So, if a candidate from a minority race is elected to be president, they will still feel it is not enough, unless it is the prime minister role.”

“Therefore, Tharman should be both president and prime minister of Singapore at the same time and this will satisfy everybody.”







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