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S’poreans impressed so many people in govt helped Joseph Schooling win Olympic Gold

Posted on 15 August 2016

Silly us, here we were thinking it was only Joseph and his family.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who didn’t know the Singapore government was so big on nurturing sporting talent, have come out to clap their hands and shake their heads in disbelief.

This after everyone in the PAP government has come out to claim responsibility for Joseph Schooling’s Olympic Gold medal win because it sure looks like they all had a major role to play in the lead-up to his historic success.

One Singaporean, Zhu Peng, said: “Never in my entire life have I thought for a moment the Singapore government was into nurturing sporting talent.”

“Guess I was wrong. Looking at how everyone in the PAP had such an important role to play in getting Joseph Schooling to where he is now, I must say it sure appeared before today that the government didn’t really care.”

Other locals said they were impressed all the ministers had put in so much time and effort claiming credit now, as it would mean they had spent way more time before this helping Joseph Schooling personally.

Another local, Gou You, said: “The president, prime minister and MPs have all come out.”

“They all sure must have been there for the Schoolings every step of the way the last several years, taking turns bearing the responsibility.”

“What did Uncle Tony do? Fetch Joseph to and fro from swim practice every weekend?”

“And what about Uncle Lee? Cook Joseph a nice hot meal? Massage his back?”

“Sure must have been tough with the uncertainty of victory looming large over them previously.”







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  • Andrew Tung

    Not to forget we all prayed for him all the way to the finishing line.