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Lee Kuan Yew spotted crying over Sports Hub after Joseph Schooling’s historic Olympic Gold medal win

Posted on 13 August 2016

He congratulated the youngster personally.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who got together as one despite it not being SG50, saw Lee Kuan Yew wiping tears of joy out of his eyes when he appeared in the sky over the Sports Hub as locals thanked the heavens for Joseph Schooling’s Olympic Gold Medal win.

One Singaporean, Gan Dong, said she saw and heard Lee Kuan Yew praise the 21-year-old Singaporean butterfly stroke swimmer: “I heard this loud booming voice say, ‘Good job, my young one. You have done what I have failed to achieve in my lifetime. I can now finally rest.'”

Other locals said the apparition of Lee Kuan Yew in the sky was a good reminder that Singapore still has a lot to achieve.

Another Singaporean, Guan Jun, said: “It is good that the first Singapore Olympic Gold was won under his son’s watch.”

“However, as Lee Kuan Yew doesn’t really appear that often to thank his people for their hard work, it means we must strive even harder to achieve more things more regularly and consistently so he can show up more often with tears in his eyes.”

At press time, Singaporeans hope Lee Kuan Yew can come back and blow the haze away as and when it appears again this year.







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