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Husband caught by wife in Geylang: ‘But you said I could go catch Pukimon’

Posted on 10 August 2016

Catch them all, you said.


A Singaporean man who was caught in Geylang by his wife came out in defence of himself saying his spouse was aware and approved of what he was doing.

This after the husband said his wife agreed to “let him go catch Pukimon at night” and he could “catch them all”.

The Singaporean man said: “I am sure there was no misunderstanding at all. I told her about Pukimon and she said she was okay.”

“I didn’t bluff her. I don’t think she should be this angry.”

The wife said: “No wonder he sounded so excited when I said he shouldn’t waste his Poke Balls on me.”

“And he seemed even more pleased when I told him to use his Poke Balls freely.”

At press time, some Singaporean men are lying to their wives that Pikachu will evolve to become Pukichu.







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