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70% of S’poreans can still sing national anthem by making up most words along the way

Posted on 08 August 2016

Most say still comfortable singing in large crowds but not alone.


A vast majority of Singaporeans from all walks of life, who can ad-lib to go with the flow, said they are still comfortable singing the national anthem in a large group in public instead of alone.

This after it was discovered most Singaporeans cannot pronounce and do not know the exact meaning of the words to Majulah Singapura.

One Singaporean, Chang Guo Ge, said: “If I had to sing it by myself without backing music and other people around to cover vocal duties for me, it would be impossible.”

“A lot of times, I just gloss over the words and make sounds up out of thin air.”

“It’s been like this ever since primary school days.”

Other Singaporeans said the prospect of singing the national anthem is more intimidating than reciting the national pledge.

Some 30 percent of Singaporeans still remember words to the National Pledge after one year of not reciting it.

However, the percentage fluctuates depending on how many new citizens Singapore has in any given year.







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