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Supermarkets in S’pore launch ‘Ministers First’ checkout priority queue

Posted on 21 July 2016

This is part of Singapore’s natural aristocracy.


Leading supermarkets in Singapore that aim to serve Singaporeans from all walks of life, because wet markets are a thing of the past, have launched a new “Ministers First” checkout priority queue.

This after it was revealed that priority queue is part of Singapore’s natural aristocracy and regular shoppers were barred from entering the line by security when it was empty but manned by a cashier.

One Singaporean, Pai Dui, said: “I was informed this morning that this ‘Ministers First’ queue is to be kept free at all times because it will only open up when a minister comes into the supermarket to buy something and needs to pay.”

“This will then create no hassle for him to buy and leave unhindered as his security detail might have firearms.”

Other locals said more needs to be done to ensure ministers in Singapore will be able to to move freely.

Liang Diao, another local, said: “Instead of having just one Ministers First priority checkout line open at all times, the supermarkets can consider having two free lines.”

“This will ensure that in the event two ministers walk into the supermarket to buy things, they wouldn’t have to give way to each other to see who gets to go first and can just pay together separately at the two lines.”

“This will prevent the stirring of anger and hatred.”







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  • YellowfeverSG

    Ministers have people to do the shopping for them la

  • Evernal Sue

    The latest comedic gem from ST forum is here!!! get to reproducing the letter that called for the designers of pokemon go to be taken to task for being so irresponsible in creating a game that endangers lives.