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Standard Chartered bank robber could be at Clark Quay on Friday night with lager in hand

Posted on 08 July 2016

Area is popular with white men with spare cash.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who know what other people are thinking based on how they look, are urging the authorities to look for the Standard Chartered bank robber suspect at Clark Quay on Friday night.

This after they said they have credible evidence that the bank robber suspect will be there as the area is popular with white men who have some cash to spare.

One Singaporean, Kee Lim Jiu, said: “There is a high probability that the Standard Chartered bank robber suspect is at Clark Quay on Friday night.”

“I’ve been there before and I’ve seen that the area attracts a lot of white men with spare cash.”

Locals told police to look out for anyone who is white and who has a lager in one hand and a Southeast Asian woman in the other, as they will most likely be prime suspects.

Another local, Sng Char Bor, said: “We need to start putting ourselves in the shoes of a white man. What would a white man with S$30,000 in cash do in a place like Singapore?”

“He can’t buy a house, he will be able to afford rent with that money for about 10 months max, and if lucky, maybe get himself a second-hand car the most.”

“All these don’t even sound like much in a high cost of living place like Singapore.”

“So, he will most definitely blow it on booze.”







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