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S’poreans react to PM Lee saying the young should not be afraid to make mistakes

Posted on 03 July 2016

Three thoughts you must have had.


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong posted a Happy Youth Day message on his Facebook page on July 3, 2016.

It read:

Happy Youth Day to all the young and young at heart!

Your dreams today can become your passions tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, because that’s the beauty of being young. You can experiment, try things out, and discover what you can be. The future often looks daunting, but go forth and create your own! – LHL

Here are three thoughts Singaporeans have:


sian-half-auntie “Roy Ngerng is a young person who is not afraid to make mistakes.”
Fan Chuo, 41-year-old prison officer


sian-half-uncle “But when the Population White Paper came out in 2013, PM Lee was already 61 years old.”
Lao Ren, 69-year-old retiree


happy-bird-girl “What made David Ong think that 55 years old is young?”
Gao Wai Yu, 17-year-old student







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  • Patrick Boo

    This sick PM told us that we can make mistakes as he himself make allot of mistakes as a PM.
    These are his mistakes still going on. 1) Force his father to allowed him to built the casinos when he knew very well that his father will never approve it. So he got the help of the mother. We all knew that LKY was a henpeck man and when the wife asked, he cannot say NO.
    For more than 8 years, there are trying to kills mosquito with his blessing. Killing are SINS but after these years, Dengue are climbing and in the 1st 8 years, 8 people die. Now in it 9 years, 6 have already die and if he still continue, maybe next year, ever week will see a death.
    A woman was killed by a falling tree in Bt. Batok, NPark ordered the cutting down of many similar trees in the Bt Batok and Woodlands area. This murders of trees as trees and mosquito are living things.

    Please step down for the good of Singapore which your father built as a clean and green city, but you build a Lallang city in the Upper Bt. Timah and Woodlands area. Have a Indian takeover, and you can enjoy life as a father and maybe a grandfather too.