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S’poreans prepare for worst as Khaw Boon Wan still missing 2 days after defective MRT trains made public

Posted on 07 July 2016

Probability of finding him diminishes as more time passes by.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are slowly coming to terms with the inevitable, are bowing their heads and closing their eyes in prayer.

This after Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan could not be found despite the best efforts of multiple search parties looking for him high and low the past two days, after news broke that multiple SMRT trains were being shipped back to China as they were spoilt.

One Singaporean, Zhen Dan Xing, said: “Usually after something as major as defective MRT trains is announced in the press, the first thing you would expect to hear is the transport minister coming out to assure the public all is well.”

“But in this case, we haven’t seen the transport minister and we naturally cannot help but fear for the worst that he might have…”, she said as she broke down in sobs.

Other locals have taken to the streets in Bukit Timah area and around the Istana to distribute pamphlets asking for the public for any information on Minister Khaw’s whereabouts.

Search and rescue teams have also combed Bedok Reservoir, the area around Swissôtel The Stamford and other places, such as Little Guilin, for signs of Minister Khaw.

See Kiao Keow, another local, said: “There were a few close calls in the past, but he always reappeared in public no matter what. He was resilient that way, preferring not to cave to public pressure.”

“But this time, there hasn’t even been nary a word from him or his aides and all signs point to…”

Other locals wished Minister Khaw a safe passage back home, wherever he may be now.







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  • Christopher Bong

    Guess Minister Khaw is a man of honour. He has committed harakiri.

  • Jeremy Wong

    You anti- government clowns want to blame him? He was appointed Co-ordinating Minister – Infra Structure and Transport Minister on 1st Oct 2015. These defective trains were delivered and found defective in 2013!!

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