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More S’poreans to pose as Michelin inspector to get better food, service at eateries here

Posted on 23 July 2016

The only way to be given some time of day around here.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who have been on the receiving end of bad food and service for years, are going to start posing as Michelin inspectors whenever they eat out from now on.

This after it was revealed that eateries will shower anyone they suspect is a Michelin inspector — who gives out Michelin stars — with more attention, better food and service, to win the reviewer over.

One Singaporean, Jia Min Kia, said: “Even if you are affluent and dress well these days, it is hard to expect good, consistent food and service at eateries in Singapore.”

“Food places are trying to have quick turnaround times and making paying customers eat fast, pay up and leave, and have very little time to please and pander because everyone is just trying to make rent.”

“Going into a restaurant looking and feeling like a Michelin inspector will make these establishments sit up and take notice and treat you like a paying customer.”

Other locals said they are preparing for the role of Michelin inspector by walking around haughtily and looking like they have something persistently stuck up their behind.







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