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Good Samaritan Merlion takes time out being tourist attraction to put out bumboat fire

Posted on 13 July 2016

For Singapore, for Singaporeans.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who create their own myths and legends, have come together to praise the Merlion at One Fullerton.

This after the Merlion took five minutes out of its busy schedule being a tourist attraction to be a Good Samaritan instead by helping to put out a bumboat fire.

The Merlion did so by redirecting its water spout at the bumboat as it was engulfed in a blaze on the Singapore River.

One Singaporean, Mah Lye Yan, who witnessed the scene, said: “It reminded me of Singapore’s nation-building efforts.”

“This sort of selflessness is hard to find these days.”

Other locals said this story will add to the Merlion’s narrative as a defender of Singapore values.

Gian Lui, another local, said: “If we can make this narrative cogent, we can monetise it overseas and attract more tourist dollars.”







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