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Foreigners unhappy with S’pore must aim higher by insulting everyone on a global level

Posted on 12 July 2016

Think big, go far.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are ready to introduce people to Perth as a good place to hide out, are inviting foreigners in Singapore to freely vent their anger and insult Singapore and Singaporeans.

This after a foreigner freely insulted Singapore and Singaporeans and was called out by locals, resulting in him getting fired from his job.

One local, Hor Gao Kan, said: “Foreigners who are unhappy with Singapore should not feel the need to bottle up those feelings and suffer inside.”

“They should feel free to vent them out in public, especially on social media, where more people can see and share it for posterity’s sake.”

“After which, the foreigner will promptly have more free time to spare to ruminate about life, in general.”

However, other locals said foreigners targeting Singapore and Singaporeans alone can be dangerous as it is self-limiting.

Siow Pah, another Singaporean, said: “It is important for foreigners to target their anger at Singapore and Singaporeans, but more can be done.”

“To really make an impact beyond Singapore, the foreigner who is angry must go on a non-discriminatory rant against everyone without being blinded by race, religion or nationality and even sexual orientation.”

“That is the true spirit of embracing globalisation.”







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