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Defective SMRT train carriages to be repaired in time for SG54, GE2019

Posted on 06 July 2016

No worries, all in good time.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe you get monkeys if you paid peanuts, are being reassured that the defective SMRT train carriages — currently being shipped back to their Chinese manufacturer — will be repaired in time for SG54 and GE2019.

This after it was revealed that cracks were found on a batch of new trains delivered to SMRT in 2013 and the whole process to get them fixed would take six years by the year 2019.

One Singaporean, Gan En, said she is very touched by how quickly things are moving: “I was told that the trains will be up and running again just in time for SG54 celebrations.”

“What a milestone.”

“Otherwise, I would not have known they were even broken if it were not for some weird website on the Internet.”

Other locals said the train carriages being re-delivered back to Singapore in several years’ time will help boost morale of the population as they head back to the polls for the next General Election 2019.

One other local, Tou Piao, said: “By GE2019, this election hot button issue would have been quelled and Singaporeans would have once again forgotten how all these negative things that have happened took place without the public’s knowledge until a whistle-blowing news organisation came along to shed light on it.”

“What a great ending.”







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