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S’pore’s politics must remain above race, religion but not extra-marital affairs

Posted on 19 June 2016

Some things are just harder than others.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who agree to a wide range of platitudes, said they fully support the statement that Singapore’s politics must remain above race and religion.

This after it was reported that it is wrong for those who are aiming for a position of power in politics to make divisive comments about race and religion, in reference to the US presidential election.

One Singaporean, Bee Jiao Hao, said she concurs: “Singapore politics is very special and different one. We are not afflicted like other countries.”

“We must remain above race and religion, and must wear a halo and be different and untainted.”

However, other Singaporeans said being above race and religion is a good thing, but not the most ideal.

One other local, Bao Kah Leow, said: “Why stop at being above race and religion? Why not be above everything else?”

“Singapore’s politics must remain above race, religion, science, geography, mathematical certainty, biology, home economics, literature, Cubism, international relations, spirituality and entertainment.”

“However, if we asked David Ong if Singapore politics can be above extra-martial affairs, he would say ‘No’.”







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