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S’poreans react to 9 in 10 teen boys in S’pore exposed to naughty things on Internet

Posted on 29 June 2016

Three thoughts you must have had.


A survey by an agency that gives online safety talks in schools has found that nine in every 10 teenage boys in Singapore have watched or read sexually explicit materials within the past year.

The survey, which polled 921 students aged 13 to 15, also found that some of them were first exposed to it even before they start primary school.

The first such survey on teenage exposure to pornography was conducted two years ago and followed up with a second one earlier this year.

There is an increase of 6 to 14 percent of the boys and girls who have been exposed to pornography compared with the first survey.

Here are three thoughts Singaporeans have:


sian-half-auntie “I pity the one in 10 teenage boys who do not have Internet in Singapore.”
Yong Dian Nao, 42-year-old computer parts retailer


sian-half-uncle “I rather my son watch porn than read radical propaganda and join ISIS.”
Kongbu Fen Zi, 67-year-old ex-police officer


happy-bird-girl “The kids probably didn’t know what porn was until they did the first survey.”
Seow Leow La, 17-year-old student







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