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S’pore playgrounds to remain as neutral spaces for everyone, especially the PAP

Posted on 27 June 2016

Fairness for all, especially for the PAP.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe it is important to have a level playing field, especially for the PAP, are clapping their hands and applauding the news.

This after they read that today’s playgrounds in Singapore get kids to take risks, fail and toughen up.

One parent, Fu Mu Qing, said: “Today’s playgrounds in Singapore bear all the hallmarks of a level playing field.”

“This is where no one party is favoured, because there is only one PAP.”

“Singapore playgrounds will then remain as neutral public spaces for everyone and the PAP.”

“More playgrounds in Singapore need to be like that.”

However, other locals said playgrounds can go further in promoting risk-taking behaviour.

Zhen Wei Hsien, another local, said: “The cylinders showing ‘P’, ‘A’ and ‘P’ should be immovable. They must be glued still to always show ‘PAP’.”

“This will help the young think out of the box and creatively.”

“Because to change the ‘PAP’ cylinders to something else, the kids will need to tear down the whole playground with their bare hands and this will provide a mental challenge to plan and execute.”







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