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S’pore govt will protect everyone, especially those who oppose the ruling govt

Posted on 15 June 2016

You will be kept safe and sound.


The Singapore government has pledged to protect Singaporeans from all walks of life from the threat of violence, regardless of a person’s sexual orientation, race, religion or political affiliation.

This stance was reiterated by the authorities after the Orlando gunman carried out a mass shooting on Sunday.

Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe the government will no doubt go the extra mile in its duty of protecting its citizens, said those who oppose the ruling government will be especially well taken care of and receive more attention.

One Singaporean, Qu Zuo Lao, said: “If you are an ordinary Singaporean, ordinary surveillance will be deployed to make sure a watchful eye is always there to keep you safe from harm.”

“If you are a Singaporean who opposes the ruling government, there will be more watchful eyes making sure you are alright all the time.”

“Very professional.”

Other locals said they agree with this sentiment.

Another Singaporean, Ai As Dee, said: “Once in a while, you might even have some people check up on you at night and pick you up from your home to make sure you are okay.”

“They might even bring you to a safe place with good sturdy locks and copious amounts of coffee to be watched over round the clock, so that no one can harm you at all, let alone contact you.”

“Then you will be given free lodging and free food for a period of time to make sure you are alright.”

“Then when you come out of the place with good sturdy locks after being watched by professional people for a period of time, you might still be paid a visit from time to time to check that you are okay and no one has gotten to you.”

“Then you might be followed, just in case.”

“Or transferred to an island, where no one and no harm can get to you for your own protection.”

“And then you might be even given a chance to say that you want this sort of protection because you deserve it.”

“Such protection.”







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