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Public servants: Unfair to take away Internet as our work never that important anyways

Posted on 10 June 2016

This just creates the illusion public servants deal with sensitive data all the time.


Public servants in Singapore from all walks of life, who joined the government because they do not know what they want to or can do in the private sector, have spoken out.

This after the government announced the Internet will be taken away from public servants from May 2017 as a way to prevent data leaks.

One public servant, Cheng Hu Kang, said she was shocked by the government’s decision: “In my three years in the civil service, I have never done anything that can be remotely considered as important.”

“Then all of a sudden the Internet is taken away from me makes me feel as if my job scope involved dealing with sensitive information and confidential files when this was never the case all along.”

“If I knew what I was doing was so sensitive, I would have asked for a pay raise since so much was being asked of me.”

However, other public servants said this move helps justify their job scope.

Another public servant, Chiak Leow Bee, said: “I have a first class honours from the National University of Singapore and I get paid quite well in the civil service.”

“But my salary and annual benefits never really justified the type of mundane work I have to do though.”

“With this announcement, my peers and family start to re-imagine my role in the public service as something legitimate and even high level.”

“Now, it seems more justified for me to surf the Internet and do online shopping on my mobile phone during office hours since I’ll be using my own data. No problem.”







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