PM Lee must stop Facebook postings during office hours once Internet cut off for public servants

Posted on 09 June 2016

He must set a good example.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe in fairness and leading by example, are calling on Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to stop posting updates on Facebook, especially after May 2017 when the Internet is cut off for public servants.

One Singaporean, Mian Bu, said this is so as it will set a precedent: “Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is the foremost public servant in Singapore. His actions will set the example for the hundreds of thousands of public servants who would follow his cue.”

“It is of utmost importance that he does not post updates on his Facebook page during office hours as he should not have access to the Internet using government computers.”

“And even if he does post on Facebook using his own device, it would signal he is using his own Internet data to post, which is also not good, as he should not be social networking during office hours where he is compensated with taxpayers’ money.”

However, other Singaporeans said dictating how the prime minister should act during office hours is not a natural right of citizens.

Tou Piao, another local, said: “We need to put this issue up for a referendum.”

“The two choices are: ‘PM Lee must not post Facebook updates during office hours’ or ‘PM Lee must compensate taxpayers for posting Facebook updates during office hours’.”

“These two choices resemble the referendum asking citizens to decide if Singapore should merge with Malaysia, where there was no choice to vote against the merger.”







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