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NSFs to be honoured on July 1 SAF Day by letting them sit down on public transport

Posted on 30 June 2016

This is to honour their time in service.


Full Time National Servicemen (NSFs) will get to sit down on public transport on SAF Day held on July 1.

This is to honour NSFs for contributing more than two years of their lives throughout their lifetime to Singapore’s defensive capabilities.

Allowing them a chance to take a seat on public buses and trains for one day a year is the first time this initiative has been undertaken since SAF Day started in 1969.

Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe serving NS is a must even for foreigners, said this is a first step towards a society that cares for soldiers.

One Singaporean, Kee Zho Peng, said: “NSFs must also be allowed to kiss their girlfriends, wives or mistresses in public on SAF Day.”

“This will at least allow them to feel like a normal human being on this one day a year because they have to hold back the rest of the time.”

Other locals said more should be done to promote the welfare of soldiers.

Another local, Ann Nasev, said: “All NSFs must be allowed to automatically pass their IPPT on July 1 every year.”

“That would allow NSFs to feel appreciated the most.”







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  • Yuki FallenWings

    No. This is stupid. By doing this kind of thing, you are saying that ONLY this day, NSF are allowed to sit.

    They paid FULL PRICE like every other person and yet why are they not entitled to sit like every other person?

    Rather than making a post to promote this day, might be a better choice to write about “Why are NSF not approved to sit in Public Transport” along with a counter measure to help them

    • Huang Yihua

      This is a satire page, buddy.