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Highly religious S’poreans upset Lee Kuan Yew used to push LGBT agenda

Posted on 02 June 2016

Rainbows are an affront to moral values.


Highly religious Singaporeans from that particular walk of life, who like to mind other people’s business, are taking issue with an image of Lee Kuan Yew superimposed over a rainbow.

This after the photo showing Lee Kuan Yew and the rainbow had been making its appearance online these several weeks since March to mark the one-year anniversary of his passing.

One highly religious Singaporean, Qu Jiao Tang, said Singapore must remain vigilant against the LGBT forces: “Rainbows have traditionally been an affront to moral values.”

“Furthermore, the PAP has always been known to be associated with white, which is the colour of light, purity and goodness.”

“The government must step in to regulate the use of Lee Kuan Yew’s image and never allow it to push for the LGBT agenda, such as this case.”

“We must not allow the LGBT forces to misappropriate Lee Kuan Yew’s image for their community’s selfish gains.”

“The perpetrators of this photo must be brought to justice and punished.”

At press time, a crisis is breaking out in the highly religious community as they heard that white light, when passed through a prism, is broken down into its constituent gay rainbow colours.







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