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Cutting S’pore’s public servants’ computers off Internet will prevent adultery

Posted on 08 June 2016

That is the real reason why there will be no more Internet access come May 2017.


Public servants in Singapore from all walks of life, who joined the government because they do not know what they want to or can do in the private sector, can still get to enjoy working for the government in a Smart Nation.

This after all 100,000 computers used by public servants in Singapore that belong to the government will be cut off from the Internet from May, 2017.

In return, their computers will be traded in for a notepad and pen.

One civil servant, Zheng Hu Kang, said: “This move is to make the public service more productive and efficient as the government knows a lot of man hours are actually spent on Facebook and online shopping during office hours.”

“Public servants have for the longest time been abusing the system and making it look like they are using it ‘for work’ when it clearly is for pleasure.”

“The main motivation, though, is to prevent public servants from committing adultery.”

“This is so as we all know people who hook up these days do so on the Internet.”

“Kudos to the government for acting early as those who want to hook up will at least not be doing so while on government coffers.”







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