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Collapsed Bukit Batok linkway replaced with indestructible sheltered ERP gantry

Posted on 18 June 2016

This is to ensure it will never collapse ever again.

Original photo stolen from Yeo Kai Wen

Original photo stolen from Yeo Kai Wen

The linkway that collapsed at Block 118, Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 has been replaced with a new sheltered ERP gantry.

This after the linkway that connected two blocks of flats was knocked over by a lorry.

The authorities then discovered that building material that never falters and will never break apart can be found in ERP gantries and decided to erect one to be a replacement.

One building consultant, Jian Fang Zi, said: “According to Singapore history, ERP gantries will never spoil.”

“In fact, anything that collects money will never spoil. We found the same material used in MRT gantries.”

“You can turn off the power, set it on fire or chop it with an axe, it will still stand.”

Singaporeans said this is a good idea moving forward as pedestrians who want to use the sheltered ERP walkway will then have to pay a toll and carry an IU around and put on their heads.

Another local, Didi Heng Lui, said: “This is called Tragedy of the Commons. Everybody want to use this sheltered walkway public good, but nobody wants to pay or protect it.”

“By imposing a usage tax, the sheltered ERP walkway will deter people from using it, hence, further preserving its longevity as it will not suffer as much wear and tear.”

“Truly Singapore.”







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